DMAS – Department of Mountaineering & Allied Sports, Manali – Himachal PradeshMore……

Inject more adventure into your life and learn to paddle
some of Himachal’s most beautiful rivers. Starting on shore and in calm
waters, paddlers learn kayaking strokes and river safety. With the appropriate
skills and confidence, participants move on to navigate and play in white
water. This course is designed to take the beginner or intermediate paddler
and teach or enhance their river skills. From throw bag rescue to surfing
and learning to swim through rapids, students definitely enjoy a wet and wild
course! “The river delights to lift us free if only we dare to let go.”
Pong DAM – Water Sports
There is great opportunity for lovers of water sports at the Pong Dam in Kangra
district. The manmade reservoir of the dam is 42 km in length and 2km in width
on the Beas river.
The regional water sports centre here is a pioneer in these specialized activities.
There is swimming, canoeing, rowing, sailing, and water skiing- all competitive
events. Training is also imparted in water safety and rescue measures.
Three levels of water sports courses are conducted here. The basic course,
intermediate course, & advanced course.
Infrastructural facilities include a 75-bed hostel with modern facilities,
a 10-suit rest house with attached toilets, hot/cold water a beautiful dining
room with a capacity for 100 persons and a kitchen with storage facilities.
A workshop changing room and boat-shed are on the verge of completion. An
administration block auditorium and residential accommodation are under construction.
Silt deposition in Sutlej and a rush of applicants led to the shifting of
the centre to its present site at the Pong Dam and upgrading of its status
to that of a regional water sports centre in June 1986.
The centre is the only one of its kind in India. The sports activities are
conducted and supervised by highly qualified instructors.
Water Sports