Method of Instruction Course [MOI]

D1 – Arrival, Registration, Briefing, Opening Address, Issue of Equipment, Medical Check up, Introduction with Equipment, Rope distribution, Lec. on Class Management, Games.

D2 – Morning Exercises (0600-0700) ; Rock Climbing—principles & holds L.D. P+ IP (0900-1230) ; Lec. on OPTRA(1430) , games

D3 – Same till Breakfast, Rock Climbing (Anchor & Belay) (0900-1230), Writing Project , Film Show.

D4 – Same till Breakfast, Rock Climbing (Artificial) (0900-1230) L.D.P. + I.P., Lec. Handling of class with Aids, Group Obstacles & games.

D5 – Same till Breakfast, Rappelling L.D.P. + I.P. (0900-1230), Lec. on First Aid, L.D.P. +I.P. Games.

D6 – Same till Breakfast, Handling of Ropes along with Basic., Lec. on Mountain Sickness L.D.P. +I.P., Film Show.

D7 – With Basic, Library Obstacle + I.P., Film Show

D8 – With Basic, Map Reading –I

D9 – Admn. Day

D10 – With Basic (Jumaring) , Visit to SASE.

D11 – River Crossing L.D.P. + I.P. (With Basic), Preparation for Mountains(Field)

D12 – Move to Solang, Map Reading-III

D13 – Move to & Establishment of Base Camp.

D14& 15 – Snow Craft—L.D.P.+ I.P.

D16 – Ice Craft L.D.P. + I.P., Map Reading-III

D17 – 22 – Attach with Basic.

D23 – Move to Solang

D24 – Practical Test, Night Navigation.

D25 – Move to Manali.

D26 – Practical Test, Submission of Project Report & Daily Diary.

D27 – Written Test, Interview, Depositing of Equipment.

D28 – Closing Ceremony & Departure.

Note :
(a) Programme is subject to change according to Weather conditions.

(b) Evenings will be utilised for I.P. of next day.

(c) Previous exercises in the evening as per situation & requirement.