For the more adventurous, peaks of the GHNP offer challenging playground for expeditions. With an average altitude of 4000 to 6000 meters, these peaks are still unclimbed waiting for the first steps of the mountaineers. ABVIMAS welcomes you to Western Himalayas offers excellent mountaineering peaks from beginners to the technically proficient.Mountaineering, an experience and education provides for an awakening and awareness of the splendid diversity that nature has to offer to us.

Mountaineering inspires a man to attain that elusive peak with in himself, but it also requires exhaustive planning, big budgeting, specializes equipment, technical guidance and expertise on mountain slopes. Bonhomie, camaraderie, esperit de crops and team spirit is developed through mountaineering

To organise mountaineering courses, ABVIMAS is the most ideal location for mountaineering training in the Indian Himalayas. Natural rock faces are available adjacent to the Institute complex and the glacier is located at 12,000 feet altitude which is very low from Himalayan standards. It only takes half a day (one hour by road plus two hours by trekking) to reach base camp from where ice and snow craft training is carried out. At the end of the course trainees are made to attempt a peak between 5500 meters to 6000 meters (17,000 ft to 19,000 ft).

Since glacier is available at lower altitude and less time is required for trekking and acclimatization, it is possible to complete the basic mountaineering course syllabus in 26 days where as the course duration is about 30 days in other Mountaineering Institutes. Availability of glacier at lower altitude means trainees are in better physical conditions while undergoing training and half a day to reach Base Camp from Manali means maximum utilization of time to learn snow & ice craft. Clothing is issued to the trainees and training is organised by the qualified instructors. All the camps are in communication through walkie talkies with the Manali headquarters.